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Name:Lady Evangeline Nix
Birthdate:Oct 31
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Name: Dr. Evangeline Nix
Age: 36
Nationality: British
Status: Single, heterosexual and married to her work

Occupation: Occult Crypto-biologist for the Royal Society, Occult Research Division in the latter half of the 19th century*

The 19th century's burst of industry and innovation raised a society in praise of progress, of invention, discovery, expansion. But it also had opposing reactions in terms of the occult revival movement, a new interest and mania for all things supernatural as expressed through Gothic literature and carried out in secret societies and strange rituals. Of course, much of this was elaborate charade. Magic tricks in the hands of money-grubbing charlatans. But there were enough isolated cases to raise eyebrows. And in the scientific spirit of the day, a new organization was formed. One which would cross the gap between science and the supernatural, to seek out "legitimate cases" and to either debunk them as fraud or establish clear lines of research into the reality of that which had only been previously deemed fairy stories.

Doctor Evangeline Nix is one of two women who have had the honor of being admitted into the Royal Academy of Science's Occult Research Department and the only female scientist (the other woman is a spirit medium of great repute). She was inducted after presenting a theoretical article discussing the use of various psychotropic drugs to disable and enslave human beings and her status was cemented when the departmental expedition to the island of Haiti and into the American Deep South where the stories of such enslaved persons-- zombis, were prevalent turned up evidence of such drugs being used in voudon zombi ritual, thereby proving the young doctor's theory.

*Dr. Nix is from a "steampunk" alt-past so her Victorian history may include more advanced science and industry in ways you might expect from the application of that aesthetic.

**Both muse and typist are well over 18. All content herein is for non-profiting shenanigans only. Some content may be adult oriented or disturbing. Content is also original intellectual property of the typist. The person or persons used as a Played By (or PB) on this account are in no way affiliated. **

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